Our Story

Taylor has always had an eye for fashion and higher end jewelry (just not always a fan of the price that comes with that). Big earrings were always her go to choice but they were always so painful to wear for more than an hour. The weight and cheap posts made it almost impossible for Taylor to wear trendy earrings. She soon discovered a way to make her own earrings! She decided to make them with hypoallergenic posts and lighter than a quarter. That’s when Clay by Tay was born! (May 2020) Fast forward exactly one year, to the date, Taylor and Hunter decided to follow God’s call and start the adoption process. The cost was outrageous and they weren’t sure how they could come up with the money but they were confident that God would provide that if they just followed Him. They did not think Clay by Tay would be used to fund the adoption, but God knew! He had been preparing and building the business for exactly a year. His plan is perfect. Clay by Tay has fully funded their adoption and is a testimony to how God provides! Recently, we decided to rebrand as Taylor Toms Designs. This name encapsulates the artistic design and craftsmanship of every piece of jewelry.


We want women to feel their best when they wear their Taylor Toms Designs pieces! Each piece is handmade with love and purpose. It’s more than just jewelry, it’s a story, it’s a family, and it’s a testimony to God’s faithfulness!